FEForm is a program for correlation of analytical and experimental models. Program enables correlation of models with different nets and coordinate systems. Correlation can be done manually or half-automatically. Program can also recalculate values in nodes or elements from one to another net.
    Correlation Features Get on top
  • 3D presentation of models and its coordinate systems
  • Possibilities of manual correlation
  • Half-automatically correlation based on moment of inertia
  • Difference matrix presentation
  • Saving and loading difference matrix
  • Recalculation
  • Thickness
    • Displacement
    • Strain energy
    • Stress & strain tensor
    • Hardness
    Tools Get on top
  • 3D visualization of models and analysis data
  • Direct transfer between 2D and 3D analysis
  • Part drawing and analysis
  • Presentation of whole model or wireframe
    Export Get on top
  • Postscript
  • GIF, RGB Files
  • AVI, Movie Film
  • Excel output
  • HTML presentation tool
  • MSC/NASTRAN (op2, xdb and other formats)
  • SDRC UNIVERSAL-File (v 5.0 -6.x - Master Series 1.0-7.0)
  • Auto-Form
  • Fast-Step
  • Pam-Step
  • LS-DYNA 3D
  • Other special interfaces (Experimental data, Excel formats, user specific data)
    Hardware Supports

UNIX-based computer workstations:

  • SGI
  • SUN
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Linux
  • (Windows NT version is in preparation)