FEGraph is post-processing software for comprehensive static and dynamic analysis. Various tools and intuitive graphical user interface enable very fast and effective interpretation and comparison of analytical and experimental data. Permanent development, direct contact with customers, cooperation with many research institutions and readiness to include any user’s defined modules make FEGraph an attractive and powerful tool.
    Post-Processing Features
  • Dynamic subcase/frequency switch during animation and visualization
  • Dynamic part deletion/addition during animation and visualization (show/no-show)
  • Multi-mode (wireframe, boundary, shading) operation during animation and visualization
  • XY graphs, bar charts, polar diagrams
  • Results superimposition for design comparisons
  • Quick access to any data without reloading files
  • Comparison of any number of results and measured data
  • Results superposition for any static and dynamics data
    Tools Get on top
  • 3D visualization of analysis and physical data (stress, displacements, energy, pressure, etc)
  • Animation of stress, displacements and energy (whole model or wireframe)
  • Part drawing and analysis
  • Explosion
  • XY graphs with interactive editing and layout maintenance
  • 2D & 3D bar graphs
  • Polar diagrams
  • Tables (weight lists, distribution of energy, etc.)
  • Interactive 2D database with numerous mathematical functions
  • Direct transfer between 2D and 3D analysis
    Analysis Get on top
  • Static
  • Eigenvalue
  • Frequency Response
  • Transient
  • Interactive data re-calculation based on the modal results
  • Acoustics
  • Part & Weight
  • Optimisation (PERMAS-only)
  • Model Correlation
  • Beam cross section calculation and analysis
  • Spot weld post-processing
    Export Get on top
  • Postscript
  • GIF, RGB Files
  • AVI, Movie Film
  • Excel output
  • HTML presentation tool
    Interfaces Get on top
  • MSC/NASTRAN (op2, xdb and other formats)
  • SDRC UNIVERSAL-File (v 5.0 -6.x - Master Series 1.0-7.0)
  • PERMAS – all formats
  • Other special interfaces (Experimental data, Excel formats, user specific data)
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Advanced user interface provides the user with effective means for a very fast model analysis

  • Intuitive and graphical
  • Developed (own) language (UIL), enabling fast windows
  • Menu generating (based on OSF/Motif standard)
  • Point and click selection of variables
    Hardware Supports Get on top

UNIX-based computer workstations:

  • SGI
  • SUN
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Linux
  • (Windows NT version is in preparation)