FEJoint is pre- and post- processing software for spot welds analysis. Program enables easy spot welds generation (based on VIP point list), replace of spot welds type, automatic recognition of joint lines, modification of spot welds amount and location (based on energy density) and complex analysis of calculation results. Task definition for spot welds optimisation (with NASTRAN SOL 200) and analysis of optimisation results is also possible. All results can be shown as 3D visualisation with colourful cubes apart from spot welds type, or 2D plots. Results can be also exported into ASCII format.

Spot weld types supported by FEJoint modelling module and their characteristic features:

DOFs 12 24 12
RBE3 + RBE2 2
(0 - mesh modification)
(0 - contact)
Stiffness calculation Direct Integration Direct
- Torsion stiffness for dynamic normal to 2 faces (requirement) 4 nodes on one flange with large area (RBE3) (continuous connection) need MSC NASTRAN license
  • Forces analysis
  • Radius optimalization
  • Updating possibilities
  • Less DOFs
  • No normal requirement
  • Spot area
  • Visualization
  • Force analysis
  • Radius optimization
  • Updating possibilities
  • Less DOFs
  • Kitchoff shell theory

    Spot Weld's generator Get on top
  • Recognition of spot welds welding lines
  • Re-mesh
  • Replace "solids" spot welds with "bars" spot welds
  • Excel output
  • HTML presentation tool

    Half Automatically and Manually
  • User interactive selection of flange
  • Between existing spot welds (half distance)
  • New re-mesh
  • Delete possibilities of one or more spot welds
    Spot Weld's analysis Get on top

    FEJoint shows the following results with a colourful cube independently of spot welds types.

    Forces and Moments
  • Normal Forces
  • Shear Forces
  • Bending Moments
  • Torsion Moments
  • Strain Energy
  • Strain Energy Density
  • Normal Stresses
  • Maximal Stresses
    Spot welds optimization Get on top
    Task definition (SOL 200)
  • Radius optimization variables
    • Volume
    • Radius
  • Topology optimization variables
    • Young’s modulus
    • Density
  • Optimization constraints
    • Maximal energy
    • Maximal energy density
    • Maximal shear forces
    • Maximal stress
    Optimization results analysis
    • Optimization steps presentation (3D)
    • Variables history
    • Constraints history
    Export Get on top
    • Postscript
    • GIF, RGB Files
    • AVI, Movie Film
    • Excel output
    • HTML presentation tool
    Interfaces Get on top
    • MSC/NASTRAN (op2, xdb and other formats)
    • SDRC UNIVERSAL-File (v 5.0 -6.x - Master Series 1.0-7.0)
    • Other special interfaces (experimental data, Excel formats, user specific data